Saturday, March 15, 2014

Save on Shaving wth

One thousand dollars plus. 
Can you imagine paying that much to shave?
Shaving can undoubtedly be an expensive endeavor. Assuming the average individual switches Gillette razor cartridges every 7-10 days, they will use 36+ razor cartridges in a year - $120+ simply buying razors!
In 10 years, we’ve easily eclipsed the $1000 mark without considering additional handles, shaving cream, and gasoline for travel expenses. 

While this may not sound like much, Gillette’s razors are undoubtedly more expensive than their online competition. Using the same methodology of 36 razor cartridges a year, men and women could buy American-made razors that compare to Gillette’s Fusion, Mach III, and Venus from for less than half (~$60). 

Currently,, the burn-free razor company, sells 12 5-blade ceramic-coated razor cartridges, a handle, and free shipping for $19.95.   This is a good deal!!

Want a better deal?  You can also choose to buy 24 cartridges with the handle for $39.95.  Also free shipping!

Need both a men's razor and a women's razor?  Buy the combo pack and save even more!  
You will receive the men's handle with 10 cartridges (your choice of 3 blade or 5 blade) and the women's handle with 8 cartridges (5 blade) for only $32.99.  Yes, free shipping!

Here we have my hubby using the 5 blade men's razor.   He was very impressed.   The price of the cartridges has stopped me from allowing him to buy them.  I had put it off about as long as I could, so I was glad to do a review.
He said he thought the razor from 800razors actually worked better than other razors he has been using over the years.
In fact, he was pretty excited to get in and shave.  yahoo! ensures people get the best razor for the best shave at the best price or it will provide a full refund via its Burn-Free Guarantee – no skin burn, wallet burn, or American job-loss burn. 

You can't go wrong!  Give a try today for your shaving needs.

A little background about

The company was discovered by "accident".
While on a business trip, Steven and Phil (Co-founders), had their luggage was lost.  Having an important meeting the next day they headed to the nearest drug store for shaving supplies.
They were shocked at the price of just the refills and knew they had to do something about it. 
They teamed up with a highly reputable razor manufacturer to design their razors.
They then cut out the 'middle man' and started selling directly to the public.
The rest is history.......

Disclosure:   I rec'd a men's 5-blade razor and some additional information for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way and, as always, all opinions are my own.
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