Friday, March 14, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 3/14/14

Hubby did pay the cable bill last Friday after work, so I am back to the world of internet from home.
He came home and I asked him about returning the cable box and getting rid of the home phone. He claims that they told him that if we do that and just have the channels and internet and not the bundle package that our bill would actually go up $30 more a month than what we are paying now.
I am having a hard time believing that. I heard him on the phone the day he ordered it saying $30 to add the other channels that I wanted.
I'm going to have to stop by the cable office and ask for myself.

However, when we got our new bill, which we got the day after he paid it, the monthly charge is now $21 more than it was anyway. He also told me that day that we were locked in for another year on the price we've been paying.
Wednesday, his day off, went by without him going to the office with the bill and asking about the increase.

I've been thinking of going ahead and doing Amazon Prime once my 30 day trial is over.
I've already cancelled netflix.
Amazon Prime is going up from the $79 a year to $99, but that won't effect me, I still get it for the $79. I would have to worry about the $99 next March.

Let's see. No, you don't get near the choices of what you can stream free with amazon prime compared to netflix, but still more than enough to always find something to watch. With amazon prime you also get access to free ebooks. And, you can't forget the free 2 day shipping.
I know lots of people online who only have a prime account for the free shipping.

Netflix would come to $95.88 a year at the $7.99 a month......and no free ebooks or free shipping from amazon. With that, I think amazon prime would still be well worth the $99 a year.

I'm curious as to what my readers think about Amazon Prime. This increase in price comes after years of it staying the same price per year, despite the continual rise in cost of shipping.

Your turn! Please share posts this well as your thoughts on what I have written.

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