Thursday, March 13, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 3/13/14

It's Wednesday evening and again I am putting this in and scheduling to post.  I have to run my mom early in the morning.....too lazy to get up early enough to post this before I go.

We have internet back at home now since Friday evening.
Here's the sad part.   I feel like I got more done when I was having to go to the library for my computer work.
Each morning I had a plan of what I wanted to accomplish online for the day.  Each day I had my papers and such organized and ready for the day.

I told myself I was going to keep it up....that didn't even work for one day!

I didn't update or build any lenses this week.  I did visit quite a few lenses of others......especially since joining the Giant Squids group on google+.  This is going to be a good group for me to be in.

Squidoo on my friends!

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