Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday--New Sewing Machine!

That's my big announcement for this week.  I got my new sewing machine.  No, it's nothing expensive or fancy.  In fact, with the state fair half price special and 20% off of the 3 extra feet that I ordered it was just $260!

It's a big step up from the little Brother that we bought one Black Friday at Walmart for $60.  I never complained though, and I sewed for over 4 years straight on the cheap Brother.   I will still be sewing on it too, at least if the measurements aren't the same.  I have to check that out, but have the one quilt top that may need to be finished on my old machine.

I'm loving the automatic threader and the thread cutter.  I can't wait to play with all the extra stitches that I now have too.

In other news I've not gotten much done in the craft area.  I sat last night and I wanted to finish my block for sampler but it got too late.  I do have to have it finished before sampler on Saturday, and have worked a bit more on it this morning.

The quilt shop printed out a photo of the square for us since we are using a bit different colors than what the book does.  My first time making the square in a square.  I just finished that and it looks pretty good.  And, the reason the sampler excites me because I will be learning new things.

Otherwise I have crocheted and crocheted granny squares this past week.  I didn't get anymore put on to the blanket as I am trying to see what I can make with what yarn I have left.  Again I am running low on variety of color.  I don't have many colors left now.  I will be adding to the blanket over this next week and then again making more squares.
This is just a picture of the squares I have made at the moment.

That's it for this week.  I do hope, with my new machine that I have a lot more to report next week.

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