Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday--Let's Keep Busy!

This week I said to myself---"self, you need to complete all the projects you have started before starting something else! You also need to get things listed in the etsy store.", I did start that prayer shawl of granny squares for church. I had to do that to get some more colors of yarn, and more yarn to make the granny squares for my blanket.  This is how far I got on it, and now my yarn basket for the blanket is full again.  I just hope it's enough to finish the blanket....and the matching pillow.

I didn't get much more done as far as organizing my craft room.  I did empty 2 totes, one full box, and a partial box onto this shelf.  I also picked up some of the grandkids' toys.  I do believe they are going to the garage!
I also did get the squares cut and materials out for a quilt of my own.   I do need to always be working on a quilt for myself as well as the one I am working on for charity.

I debated on whether to work on the quilt for church.  In order to really get any work done on it, it needs to all be laid out so I can see what I am doing.  I chose not to.  I will wait until sewing day next week at church to work on it again.  Then, hopefully, I will lay it out to work on it again over the month until we meet again.

I also bought some cute Halloween fabrics at the quilt shop.  I have sit n' sew this Friday evening so I plan on making the bags there.  That is a new project, but I should be able to finish them all in that evening, and get them listed for sale in my etsy shop.

Now that I am done typing this post I need to get back to my WIP at hand, which is cutting and sorting this huge pile of coupons!  Must be ready for that shopping trip on Friday.

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