Friday, August 10, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--Uses for Calamine Lotion

Wow! Another week has flown by....and another week that I have just been on the go almost constantly.
We did get some rain this week, which helps on the water bill. I've not done my usual amount of laundry this week due to time constraints, but I did have to dry one load in the dryer due to the rain.

I'm behind again on getting my coupons cut and into my binder, but I am working daily on it. I have a shopping trip with coupons planned this morning to Walmart. I'm hoping for enough items to be available with overage to cover some of the one item I need to buy without a coupon. Hopefully the shelves aren't emptied of those products once I get there. That has to be the most aggravating part of couponing.....making your list, getting your coupons ready, then getting to the store and finding that other couponers have already cleared the shelves.

This week I am sharing different ways to use calamine lotion from the 99 cent solutions book:

1. Calamine lotion is not only great to soothe poison ivy, but also a great relief for heat rash.

2. It's good to take an antihistamine for relief from hives, but you will get even more relief by also applying calamine lotion.

3. Use calamine lotion on blisters. The lotion draws out the moisture as it dries.

4. Think pink for Halloween. Dabbing a few layers of calamine lotion on your face and skin with a cotton ball will achieve that ghostly white pallor. Apply it evenly.

Your turn to share your recent frugal posts!

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