Monday, August 6, 2012

Eco Orbies--What Fun!

For the past couple of years, I have seen these little balls at the state fair.  I wanted some.  How cool that you put them in water and they expand.  The ones I've seen at the fair are not Eco Orbies.  In fact, they don't last like Eco Orbies.

I was thrilled to receive 2 packages of Eco Orbies for the purpose of my review.  As much as I was thrilled to get them, I think my teenage daughter and my grandson were even more thrilled.   They had loads of fun taking photos and doing different things with the Eco Orbies, even making a video commercial which I will share at the end of my review.

My Eco-Orbies came in 2 tiny zip-lock type baggies.  Oh so tiny!  Here is one of them in the palm of my hand:
I didn't count how many were in the bag but it has to be around 50, if not more.   I wish I had counted as I was just amazed.

I rec'd a packet of blue and a packet of red.  Here the are soaking in the bowls to expand:
Amazing!  Each of the tiny bags contained enough to almost fill each cereal bowl we used to hydrate them.

Before I show you the rest of our photos, I want to tell you all about the Eco Orbies.

To expand the orbies you soak the contents of the baggie in 2 cups of water for 6-8 hours.  Drain off any excess water and rinse them.   Colors can be layered and the colors will not transfer or bleed.

To dry the orbies when you aren't using them, simply place them to air dry in a single layer.  This will take 3-5 days.  It's recommended to use a cookie sheet lines with wax paper for drying them.  Place them back in the baggie and store them out of direct sunlight.  Dry Eco Orbies will last 15-20 years!   Simply soak them again each time you want to use them.

Eco Orbies will fit even into the tiniest of vase openings.  You can hydrate them right in the vase too if necessary.   They can be mixed with the soil of your outdoor or indoor houseplants and will release moisture as the plants require.  They will pull bacteria away from the plant giving you a healthier and hardier plant.

You can grow most all plants in them  and even start seeds such as Wheatgrass and Indoor Herb Gardens.  They can be used over and over again, just add more water.  They will not discolor the water or bleed.

After a month or tow your orbies will shrink down as they release the moisture to your plants or fresh cut flowers.  Just rehydrate them!

If you want your Eco Orbies scented just add a few drops of essential oil, or even perfume to fully hydrated Eco Orbies and you will have a wonderful light scent in any room of your house.  When they shrink, you can rehydrate them and add a different scent if you choose.

Eco Orbies can be used with soil for all outdoor or indoor house plants, growing wheatgrrass, transplanting trees and shrubs, cuttings, garden vegetables, farming and agriculture.   You can even use them for a relaxing hand or foot massage!

Eco Orbies are non-toxic and environmentally safe.  You can light them up with submersible LED lights.   Each 5 gm packet makes about 2 cups.

The kids liked the idea of the submersible LED lighting.  Since we don't have any of those, they experiments on what the orbies would look like lit up but putting them in a glass and shining a flashlight through the bottom. grandson is having too much fun running his fingers through the hydrated Eco Orbies.

Beautifying my vase of artificial flowers.

And here is their commerical  :)


I can't wait until I am able to order more of the Eco Orbies! They have so many different colors available.
You will want to like their facebook fan page. There are going to be some specials coming up in the month of August, and I'm sure more to come. Don't miss out! Eco Orbies Facebook Fan Page

Find their homepage HERE.

Here is another review with some awesome photos that you will want to check out: Eco-Orbies Review

Disclaimer: I rec'd 2 packages of Eco Orbies for the purpose of my review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.
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