Friday, August 3, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--Uses for Bath Oil and Bubble Bath

Happy Friday!
We have finally been getting a bit of rain here and there. Sunday morning we actually got an inch! By the looks of the sky this morning, we should be getting more rain today. I do hope so! Kansas, as well as most all other states, are suffering from drought. Besides, my water bill will be less too :)

I have stayed motivated using my coupons and show a total savings last month of $416.92. That's more than I had saved January-June combined. I do hope to keep it up! It's nice to be seeing the cabinets fill back up too.
When stocking up using sales and coupons it takes some time to get a good variety in your stock, but if you are patient, you will get there.
I've also been able to share with my family.

Moving on, this week from the 99 Cent Solutions book, I am sharing uses for bath oil and bubble bath.

Bath Oil:
1. Leave shower doors sparkling. Soap scum builds up fast on those glass shower doors. Simply pour a little bath oil straight on to a sponge and swipe it over the glass. The scum will wipe right off. Rinse the sponge and wipe the doors lightly.

2. Tell the insects to buzz off. You don't need any particular brand of bath oil to repel mosquitoes, flies or other biting insects. A strongly scented oil, especially one with citrus, will do the same job. Rub it on exposed skin and the insects will find some place else to feed.

3. Use oil to clean off oil. Rub a little bath oil in to your hand, then wash them in warm water with soap. The grease from working under the hood, or working on the chain on your bicycle, or anything else, will disappear.

4. Protect your patent leather. Moisten a clean soft cloth with a few drops of bath oil. Gently rub the oil into the patent leather and polish the area with another dry cloth or towel. You will see new life in your old accessories as this will get rid of scuff marks.

Bubble bath:
1. Give your car a bath. Stop buying those expensive products to wash your car. Add one or 2 capfuls of bubble bath to a bucket of water and wash away. You vehicle will have a beautiful shine.

2. Shine on! Bubble baths aren't just for kids, or adults. Dilute a little bubble bath in water and wash your plants leaves with clean cloth dipped in the bubble bath solution. The leaves will shine and the plant will look healthier.

3. Replace your hand soap. Pour bubble bath into the hand soap containers that need to be refilled. Bubble bath is an effective inexpensive replacement for your regular soap.

Your turn :) Share away.


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