Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday 3/14/12--Whew!

Wow! is about all I have to say about this last week.  Well, busy is another word, but honestly not anything new for me. 
I attended the Sit n' Sew Friday evening from 6-9 at the local quilt shop.  They have it once a month on the 2nd Friday evening.  I took the walker bags to work on.  I forgot the pattern, however, so only could work as far as I knew.  I have since finished one that I started.  I have 2 more to complete.  I didn't take a photo.

My Great Aunt Donna passed away on Saturday so this week has been all about her and family---including today as we went to clean out the rest of the place where she was living.  Can we say major WIP to look through the stuff and find it a home?  Not to mention the putting back together of the house that I already needed to do!

I got a start on the cross magnets, in fact, I finished 4 of them yesterday.  I worked on them while we drove to take my middle daughter back home after the funeral yesterday.  I even finished up 2 of the baby blocks this past week.  I do have a picture of those.

I worked on the scrappy quilt but very little.  I sewed some of what I had pinned, ironed those pieces and put more pieces pinned.  I didn't think it was enough to warrant a picture to share.

I didn't get any more work at all done on the flower print quilt I am making.  I sure intended too and I have my pink thread in the machine ready to work on it.

I guess otherwise, I just need to share my progress on the Granny A Day 2012 challenge.  It's day 74.  It's starting to fill in a bit now.  I am leaving it 19 squares long for now although I intended it to be 21 squares long.  I will decide on that later.  I can't see where 366 squares can come out even at all, so I am planning on a couple of pillows with the extra squares, especially if I leave it 19x17 squares.  

I am really late posting this today so I am going to close for now.  I am linking up with the following blogs:

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