Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homeschool Journal--Week 27

Hip Homeschool Hop Button Considering how extraordinarily busy I was last week away from home, I'm so pleased to look at my book and see just how much schoolwork was completed despite it!  (I keep a notebook and each week I am writing down just what she is doing, along with the amount of time spent on each, since time needs to be counted for high school credit.)

I knew how busy the week was going to be so I put extra assignments on her sheet in the assignment folder.  She did a great job getting them completed!

Tuesday the gals and I met for sewing club again at church.  Here's another picture as Jasmine gets to work on assignments while I work on quilts.
 We are still reading the books we checked out from the library on England.  Three books to complete, and we are reading in all 3 of them at once.  We met with her youth group last Wednesday to learn more about the trip.  I wish I had taken better notes on the places they know they are going to visit.  I'm hoping this week she will bring home a print out of the slide show presentation.  This will be a trip of a lifetime for her!

I've taken her to the doctor about her knee.  It's been hurting her for months now and I've let things get in the way of getting her to the dr.  We are waiting on test results now, so please keep her in your prayers.  I'm praying it's not anything serious.

What I am really thinking is-----I want days to stay home!!!  My quilt guild and the sewing club at church are usually only once a month.  I so enjoy going, but when it becomes weekly, the enjoyment goes somewhat away as I get stressed about other things that aren't getting done.
My day just goes so much smoother when we can get up at home, get started on school work, get the schooling done, and then move on.  

I'm looking forward to summer at this point already---are you?  In hopes of getting myself into a better routine---oh gosh, after almost 14 years of homeschooling why haven't I settled on a set routine??  Oh yeah, it's homeschool, it's not a requirement!   :)
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