Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 7/9/11

Good Saturday!  Time for Shop Hop with Ruthi and abitosunshine.

I have a few more pics that I want to make into zazzle designs.  I do hope to get some things done in there this week.

I've listed 2 more items in my etsy shop that I completed this past week.   I'm really starting to rethink etsy.  I think it's a great website for selling hand crafted items, but I'm just not getting orders.  When you list there is a .20 listing fee per item.  The listing stays up for 90 days.  The 90 days is good...if it sells.  If it doesn't you have to pay another .20 to re-list the item.  Which, I have done so over and over.  Most of my items are low price so relisting them really takes a chunk out of the small profit that I earn on my items.    I'm thinking that if they don't sell, going ahead and posting them over to my blujay store where it's free to list.  What do you think?

Here are my 2 new items:
Polka Dot Fabric Bag

I had taken the time to re-list school books over in homeschoolbuy--not all of them, just the ones that were still available to just hit re-list on from the ended list.  I've not taken the time to keep them up.  I think I will give up on homeschoolbuy as well since for whatever reason, I am the only one who lists there!  I am debating----just put the books out in our yard sale, or copy the listing over to blujay.   The items don't end there until they sell, or I choose to end them.

Debates debates debates....all I know is that I need to earn some money!
Please hop over to abitosunshine and hop along with us on this weekly shop hop:
 Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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