Thursday, July 7, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 7/7/11

Happy Thursday!
It's not been that great of a week for me as far as my lenses go....well, getting anything done really. I did do a lot of hopping around on squidoo, just didn't do much with my own.

I did update My Toothbrush Rug to include links to a great blog where she gives step by step instructions with photos. Soon enough I will be finishing up that lens with the pic of my rug finished.

I finally was getting around last night to building This Day in History July 3 in honor of my grandson's birthday (Allen) but it kept having problems. It took out most of the pre built Homeschool Club modules, wouldn't load photos, and then wouldn't publish. I finished it up this morning with the exception of the Homeschool Club modules.

Here are a couple of my lenses from the bottom of my list that can use some love until I get around to updating them:
Kansas--Our First Lapbook!
With Voilets by Elizabeth Robards

I noticed something about the related lenses as well. If we don't choose in edit what we wanted there, they are there anyway, chosen by squidoo, I assume by tags. I forgot about it on the lens I did today and one of my This Day in History showed up in the list of 5.
There are so many different things you can do to update a lens and freshen it, and putting in your own related lenses is just one. No reason why I can't get in and at least update a lens each day if I'm not building a new one....and I have loads of new ones I can get built as well!!

I hope to see a lot of lenses to hop over and check out this week in the linky.

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