Friday, July 8, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing--Week 27(Week 4 for Me)

This weeks post on I'm as Organizing Junkie is getting your kids to help.
I have a lot of grandchildren and this past week 5 of them have moved in.  I have one side of my hall storage basically just for them.  I will have to include a photo next week if I think about it, but the bottom drawer is for their drawing, coloring, and art supplies.  The next drawer up is for the girls' toys, the next drawer up is for my grandsons stuff, the top drawer is full of different card and peg games.
In the doors above one shelf has the doll house, odds and ends for the doll house, puzzles, bath toys, and I am working at getting more board games in there.  On shelf has board games that we got from one of the grade schools, so the boards are out with games supplies in ziploc bags.  The top shelf houses the Lego and Duplo blocks.
The kids know what goes where in the cabinets.
With them moving in, they brought more toys with them.  Fortunately, they are divided into containers for each type of toy.  My daughter is keeping them in their bedroom in the basement and lets them just bring one thing at a time up here to play with.

Now, with all that said, this past week my project was the other side table.

Here is the before photo.  Come on...why was there a drill in the house instead of in the garage?  All the magazines are now sorted and in our garage for a sale.  Other misc. items are either thrown away or put where they belong!

And here is after--all cleaned off and so far staying that way minus the jar of instant tea that mysteriously came in here from the kitchen  LOL
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