Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday 6/15/11

I so always have too many projects going at the same time!  I know I'm not alone as I check out many of the other WIP blog posts with others who work exactly like me!

This is an extra busy week.  I'm keeping 4 of my grandkids all week and we have Bible school in the evenings.  I'm one of the group teachers.  Next week my teen will be at Bible camp and my grandkids will be at their dad's for the week.  I'm in hopes of a quiet week to work and work on crafts, my online projects, and to get the house back in order.

I've worked some on the double thick crocheted hot pads this past week, but not a whole lot.  This is still the yarn left I have to work with.  In the background is also a stack of books I am reading, or need to read for review.

I did some work on the toothbrush rug I am making for our basement floor.  Not as much work as I wanted and it's looking like it's going to take me a couple more weeks to finish up the materials I have out for it.  I then will have to decide if it's big enough to do or if I still want to add more to it.  I had really been in hopes of making it large enough the grandkids could actually sit on it to play.  If I do that, we are talking months then before it's done!

Yesterday was sewing club at church.  Instead of 10-3, we shortened it to 10-1 since 2 of us are helping at Bible school.  One of the gals taught me something new to do with the strip squares.  You can't see it too well in the photo, but I will have another photo to show of my progress next week.  On the other side of the table are the fabric bags I am working on for an order.  Since taking the photo last night I have finished putting those together.  All I have to do now is cut off the strings and package them up for the mail.   I also got started on some of the other bags from the pile of material I showed last week.
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