Monday, June 13, 2011

Mailbox Monday 6/13/11

I have quite the little stack in front of me of mail that came in this past week.

Mary Bragg CD for review and giveaway on my blog
Prefense Hand Sanitizer for review and giveaway on my blog (giveaway is up!)
$5 cash from Neilson Digital Voice
Book--Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman for review
Book--The Problem with Money? by Jane Honeck for review
Book--Finance Without Fear for review
Several pieces of hausernet mail
Ok! magazine (I paid $2 for the subscription, so not free)
2- Bloomsberg Businessweek
Family Circle
Sports Illustrated

Also in my email:
$8.00 paypal from beezag
$9.93 paypal from squidoo

Frugal Friend
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