Thursday, June 16, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 6/16/11

Welcome to another week of Squidoo Hopping!
I'm having a busy week with 4 grandkids staying over for the week and Bible school in the evenings (along with the other things I do every week), but I got more done in squidoo than I thought I would.

I updated All About Marsha with new photos. I chose to keep the older ones in for memories. I have a few more photos to add.

I built This Day in History June 5 in honor of the birth of my newest grandchild, Zelda.

I got an email from Zazzle on a custom postage sale until June 19. This prompted me to go right in and finally build my first Zazzle lens. Zazzle Custom Postage I wish I had more than just the 3 stamps, but I know I will be creating more in the future so this lens can be updated several times. I had hopes to use the text with big picture module and be able to link to my item with my affiliate link but I couldn't figure out how to save a picture from Zazzle. Instead I used the Zazzle module. If I am correct, we don't earn from squidoo if someone buys from the Zazzle module right? Of course if they bought something of mine I would earn from Zazzle so I would still earn which is super cool.

And, if you have time, please give these 2 lenses some love. They are on the bottom of my list and in the pink because of being too low in ranking.
This Day in History April 24 and Our Homeschooling Journey 2010/2011 Part 2

I hope to see several participate this next week---I will have a lot more time for everything next week!

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