Friday, June 10, 2011

Altamont Augie by Richard Barager--Book Review

Altamont Augie by Richard Barager
Published by Interloper Press
ISBN 978-0-9830661-0-1

Altamont Augie is Richard Barager's first novel and is a historical novel set in the 60's during the Vietnam War.

In Altamont Augie we find a man who is wanting to write a screen play based on the life of a man who drowned in the late 60's at a concert at the Altamont Speeday. This man was never identified. He want to identify the man for his screenplay.

In his research he find a photo, in the photo he recognizes a woman to be his own mother. In the photo she is with a man. Upon inquiring to his mother who the man is in the photo with her, the story of Altamont Augie begins.

We are taken back to the 60's and the story of David Noble and Jackie Lundquist. They are college lovers who clash when he joins the marines in rejection to the antiwar movement that she embraces. Their love endures even though they are fighting on the opposite side of the fence in the matter.

We are taken to Vietnam and the fighting there while David serves his country. I was impressed by the words as I read and could see and feel Vietnam.
Once David returns home Vietnam doesn't ever leave him. He and Jackie pick up their love affair even though she is also seeing someone else.

There is a lot of sex, drugs and rock and roll along the way as well. All part of those famous 60's.

I enjoyed reading the book. I can honestly recommend the read, especially for those who already enjoy reading historical fiction.

I want to note that in the back of the book, the author has cited many resources that he used in his writing. These resources gave him ideas, inspiration, factual incidents, and general information. All used to make the book what it is.
Another interesting note is that he also has added a "playlist" to the back of the book. This playlist lists each song that is mentioned throughout the book, in the order that it's mentioned. In fact, you can visit and listen to them all and transport you into a 60's state of mind.

Just released this month!! Buy your copy on amazon!

Disclaimer: I was sent a uncorrected advance galley copy of Altamont Augie for the purpose of my review from Press & Beyond. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.
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