Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday 5/4/11

Welcome to WIP Wednesday.  I'm hopping along with 3 different blogs.  Please click each button and check each one out!

I didn't get the strip quilt quite pinned yet.  It's frustrating because I put a stretchy material for the center.  I had thought it was just the right size, but I ended up having to stretch it to make it fit.  Wrong answer as any of you who do quilting know.  It's pulling in the sides.  One friend told me to sew across the edge squares to make it stay straight.  I did try that, but with just a small $80 machine, that task is very difficult.
I did work some on the toothbrush rug for the basement floor.  I didn't get in an many strips as I wanted to this past week, but did quite a bit.  Once I get the excess backing material cut from the quilt to make more strips for the rug, I will get out my last batch of strips for the rug.  I have no idea how large it will end up being at that point, but I have a feeling whatever the size, it's just going to have to do!  I already can't work it on my lap anymore.  I will have to put my laptop on the floor so I can still click on here while working on the rug.
 I did work some on the double thick crocheted hot pads, but not enough to make it worth a photo.  I also, today, started working on the baby hat and booties for my daughter.  Her baby shower is next Wednesday.  Hopefully I will get them done in time and next week have a photo of the finished products.    

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