Thursday, May 5, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 5/5/11

Welcome to this week's squidoo blog hop! I hope you will hop along with us if you have blog posts pertaining to squidoo. If not, I hope you will hop along and support those of us who do squidoo. Thanks!

This past week I managed to build 2 new lenses. I am inching my way towards the 100 lenses. I do still have one lens that I need to delete as it's for a company I'm not dealing with anymore, nor do I want to deal with.

This Day in History April 28--This one was built a couple of days later than I wanted, but April 28 is my son's birthday. I need to build a couple of these each week if I ever intend to come close to my goal with these. I've been working on the basis of doing days that mean something to me first, but the next day for that is May 25.

...Featuring Norah Jones Album Review--I am going through my blog and making my book and music reviews in to lenses. This is the first one I've gotten done. I hadn't been doing music reviews on squidoo, but hope it goes over well. I get to review a lot of new albums as they are coming out.

Now for my question this week. I'm really needing the etsy items that I've sold to not show up on my lens. Do they ever go away? Is there a way to make them disappear?? I've sold those items that show $0 and most of them I can't get the same material to make again even if someone seen it was sold and contacted me to make another! Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Until next week....Happy Squidooing!!

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