Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday!!

Shop Hop Saturday is new and the brilliant idea of my good friend Ruthi with abitosunshine!
Please click the button at the end of my post to be taken to her post and join us!

I know that one of my goals for this new year is to keep on crafting....and keep on adding those crafts to my etsy store.  I joined etsy over a year ago but didn't do anything with it.  It's only been in the past 2 months that I've gotten busy with it.  It will continue to grow.

For this weeks post, rather than highlight new items, I would like to take you to all of the different places online where I sell.  (please right click to open in a new window or tab as I don't know the coding to automatically open the links in a new window--thanks!)

Gifts Galore and More--- This is my original business website.  It's still active, but has not been updated for a very long time.  The prices were not even changed with the last postage increase, and another increase is upon us now.  To be honest, I have NO idea how to edit it!  The coding and programming that the owner of the domain uses is above my head.  I'm afraid of messing things up, and just do not have the cash to have her fix it up for me.  I will be contacting her soon, and may just take this website down. 

Online Craft Mall  ---  I've been a member of the online craft mall for many years.  My Gifts Galore web front is from there as well.  I have several items listed in the mall, but there are also a lot of great crafters there.  The link will direct you to the squidoo lens that I built on it.  If you are a crafter, I highly recommend joining this as membership if very very reasonable, compared to what other similar sites charge.

Jerky Direct --- I've been in this business since Oct. 2008 and love it.  I don't work it as I should.  It's a nice business and very affordable.  The jerky is all natural, and no preservatives and tastes awesome!  Again, this is the link to my squidoo lens that I built on it.

Homeschoolbuy ----homeschoolbuy is an auction website.  It's free to list homeschool or homestead related auctions.  I've let this one go and have to re submit some of my school books.  I will be working on that some today.  Again, the link about it will go to my squidoo lens.  Please help me earn more on squidoo by clicking and upping the ranking of these lens.  I sure appreciate it.

Zazzle  ----I've been working here and there using what I think are my best photos to create items on zazzle.  These are what I have so far.  I have several other photos saved to make in to items.

blujay ---  I've had my blujay store for a very long time.  Before getting going on etsy all of the crafts that I had made and ready to ship were listed in my etsy  store.  I'm on my mission of getting them moved to etsy.  A lot of my crafts are still here as well as a variety of books and other misc items.  Blujay is totally free to list on and your items continually re-list until sold, which is wonderful!

etsy  ---my new favorite spot to list my crafts and my store is growing all the time.  I've picked up a lot of new crafts that I enjoy since opening my Gifts Galore and More website and you will find all those in my etsy store, plus some of the items that are in my Gifts store as I get them made to list.

Whew!!  Are you tired yet?  I sure am!  I have a lot of goals for this year, and I am very thankful to Ruthi for starting this blog hop to help keep me motivated to keep on keeping on with my goals.
From this week forward I will just be listing new items added to my stores since my last posting.

Thanks to all for reading, and I hope you will hop along with us and get the word out about your own shops online!

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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