Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday 12/1/10

Whew!  Today's WIP has been finding time to be on the computer!  after 1:30 pm and I am finally finding time.

WIP Wednesday, where in conjunction with Every Day Crochet we share our works in progress.  I hope you will click the button at the end of my post to join in on the fun and list your own post....or check out what others are up to.

Remember, your WIP don't have to be crafts, they can be virtually anything.

I tried to get busy this last week on things.  I didn't get done all I wanted, but I did do a lot!

I am on my quest to fill this jar with dish scrubbies to be ready for the monster garage sale in March.  Selling some along the way, as I have been doing is a major plus!
 I worked on the hot pads that I am making for Christmas gifts.  I found that I don't have enough of the insulbrite material for the insides to finish what I need....and I will have to also take the covers off the other cushions on the old futon as I didn't have enough from one set for my backings.
 I got busy and thought I would get that strip quilt top completed before sewing club at church next week.  What I found is that I shorted myself 2 of the 12 inch squares....and even if I hadn't I didn't bring home enough of the longer strips to make them anyway.  So, the first thing I will work on next week is making the other 2 squares and completing the top.
 Other things that I did was to complete the order that included the 5 fabric bags.  I then took photos of the bags and went ahead and put them into my etsy store.  My etsy store is and will always be a work in progress as I hope to continue to build it up.  I got my first order!!  It's for one of the fabric bags.  I got the  material cut and ironed for the bag.  Heading in next to get it sewn.  I like to get my orders out ASAP.

The holiday is quickly approaching.  I did get our tree put up, and decorated.  I got out some of my stash of gifts to start wrapping....that's as far as that got time wise.  I am being pulled away from home most all day each day (yes, causing me extreme anxiety too! )  Here is a photo of our little tree.  I bought most all the decorations from our Christmas sale at church.  We bought the tree for $19.99 on sale at Walgreens.  Please excuse all the junk around it.  We have a very small living room and I had to squeeze the tree in a corner in front of the movie shelf.

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