Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Walgreen's Shopping 11/29/10--Big Savings!

Well....I scoured blogs most of Sunday looking for what might be good deals at Walgreen's.  I got some ideas.  Remember, I had $41.23 total in 12 Jingle Cash (register rewards) to play with.
I put together a would have cost me too much in the long run.  I took off a couple of things that I really wanted and replaced them with cheap fillers.
I headed to Walgreen's this morning, in hopes that everything on my list was in the store.  It was, but I had the Motions Hair Care on my list.  No coupons, but buying 3 for $10 would have given me  back $5 in Jingle Cash.  Once there I realized it was in the ethnic section, so decided against getting it.  Of course, that messed up my list, but I decided to just head on to the register with coupons in hand, and just use as many of the Jingle Cash that the register would allow me to use.  (you can't use them to cover any part of the sales tax.)

In the end I spent $5.22, of which  $4.28 of that was sales tax.   I still have $6.99 total in Jingle Cash to use, and I got $16 total in Jingle Cash from this transaction.

I know that many do several transactions, but for me that is too confusing so I try to just done one. (Unless I am sending Jasmine and/or Steve through the line for a really great deal)

I'm kicking myself as I scanned everything for homescan and put it all away without taking a photo!!  ugh!!

Here is what I came home with:
Life Cereal and Cap'n Crunch Cereal--on sale 2 for $5, with $2 back in Jingle Cash
2-Walgreen's Pantyliners, on sale for 2 for $1 with Walgreen's coupon
2-Vick's Sinex, on sale 2 for $10.  I used 2-$4 off coupons and got back $5 in Jingle Cash.  I also combined a buy 2 Vick's products get Free Puffs coupon with the purchase so got a box of Puffs free.
3-Disney Mini Puzzles--on sale for .39 each with Walgreen's coupon
2-Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice, on sale 2 for $6, used $2/2 coupon and $1/2 Walgreen's coupon
Salonpas Pain Patches, $5.99 with $6 back in Jingle Cash
40 ct security envelopes, on sale for .59 with Walgreen's coupon
1 Reese's snack size 19.75 oz and 1 Kisses Candy Cane 17.80 oz, on sale 2 for $8, used $1 coupon and got back $2 in Jingle Cash
3 Eclipse Gum, on sale 3 for $2 and got back $1 in Jingle Cash
Carmex lip balm, on sale for $1 with Walgreen's coupon, used .30 coupon
Gillette Fusion Power Glide razor, on sale for $9.99, used $4 coupon and got back $4 in Jingle Cash  (OMG!  I just realized I didn't get the $4 Jingle Cash for buying the razor...will have to stop in and ask about it)
Dawn Dish soap, on sale for .99 with Walgreen's coupon and used .25 coupon.

Receipt shows that I saved $3.51 with WAG coupons
$19.80 on sale items and
$52.28 in manufacturer's coupons!!!   Total savings of $75.59.
Let me figure, not including taking off for the advertised prices, just the savings in Walgreen's and Manufacturers coupons, I saved a whopping $55.79!!

Help me out here please.  My brain is not in a math mood and for the life of me I can't remember how to figure what my percentage savings is.  I would like to know both including the savings with sale prices as well as not including the savings with sale prices please. (and when the receipt shows the savings, does that take into consideration the $4.28 in sales tax or not?  If not, I would have only spent .94 without sales tax.) Thanks!!!


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