Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kroger Shopping---Just $7.48 Out of Pocket For ALL of This!!!!!

You read that right.....I bought all of this (plus the margarine I forgot to take back out of the fridge) for just $7.48 out of pocket!!!!  Of the $7.48, $5.07 of that was sales tax)   The actual total after coupons was $32.48, but I had a $25 Kroger card to spend as part of my current blogspark.

It's one of the Mega Event weeks, where if you buy 10 of the items on the list you get an additional $5 off your total.  I bought 40 of the items.
Please note I am subtracting the additional .50 off for buying the 10 items off each item.  My store doubles coupon up to $1 off total.
Mega event items:
12-Temptations Cat Treats--.91 each, used 11-.55 coupons doubled to $1 (I had 12 coupons, but once home realized one of them didn't scan) FREE with 8 cents overage.
2-Birdseye vegetables-$1.49 each, used 1-.50 coupon doubled to $1, so $1.49 and .99 each.  (I had in my mind that I printed 2 coupons, but one home remembered the 2nd coupon hadn't printed)
2-Hot Pockets, $1.49 each, used 2-.50 coupons doubled to $1, .49 each.
1-Wolf Chili--.75--used .50 coupon doubled to $1  FREE plus .25 overage.
4-Carnation Evaporated milk--.49 each, used 2-.50/2 coupons--FREE plus 4 cents overage
1-Armour meatballs--$1.99--used .55 coupon doubled to $1--.99
5-Krusteaz Cookie Mix--.99 each--used 5-$1 coupons--FREE pus 5 cents overage.
2-Barilla Pasta--$1.49--used buy 1 get 1 free coupon--register took off full price of $2.19 so I paid .79 for both.
3-Gillette deoderant--$3.50 each--used 2 $2 coupons and a buy 2 get 1 free coupon--register took off $4.95 for the coupon so I paid just 5 cents for each one!
2-Chex Cereal--$1.79--used $1/2 coupon--$1.29 each
2-Ziploc Freezer bags--$1.99 each--used $1/2 coupon--$1.49 each
1 Wesson Oil--$1.99--used .40 coupon doubled to .80--$1.19
1-Best Life Spread--$1.49--used $1 coupon--.49
2-Tidy Cat litter--$1.89--used 2-$1 coupons--.89 each

Other purchases:
Kroger peanut butter--$1.65
Kroger chocolate chips--$1.99
Kroger 12 pack soda--$2--used .50 coupon--$1.50
2-Duracell battery 4 packs, on sale for $1.98--used 2-$1.50 coupons--.48 each.
Kroger Powdered Sugar $1.43
Idahoan potatoes--$1--used .40 coupon doubles to .80--.20
Carnation Instant Breakfast--on sale for $4.29--used $1 coupon--$3.29
2 dozen eggs-on sale for $1.50 each, used .55 coupon doubled to $1--$1 per dozen.

My receipt says that I saved 75%, which includes sale prices plus coupons used.  ($94.12 savings)
I used $44.74 in coupons plus the extra $20 off for a total savings of $64.74 not including the sale prices.

Want to know more about the $25 Kroger gift card that I had to use?  It's part of my next blogspark prize pack with Chex cereal that will be offered for giveaway on my blog!  Watch for the giveaway in the next couple of days.

Even if I hadn't had the Kroger gift card, spending $32.48 for all of it would have still been great.  Some things I would not have bought though as they are ingredients to go with my blog post coming up.

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