Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi everyone

Several times over the past few years I have tried to get into, at yahoo, at a homeschool blog site, but never kept up.
I'm trying it again.

I'm just going to start by introducing myself. I am Marsha, and I live in Kansas. I am a single parent. We are a home school family.
I enjoy reading, doing crafts (crocheting and plastic canvas mostly). I really enjoy my time on the internet where I regularly list items up for auction on ebay and homeschoolbuy.
We recently moved in with my mother. That would be myself and the 2 daughters that I have left at home. Heather is 16 and Jasmine is 11. My oldest daughter also moved in here with her boyfriend and her 4 children, so we have quite the houseful. Never a dull moment around here!

If interested, here are my listing pages at both auction sites:

I have my own website which I call Gifts Galore and More which features crafts and other gift items. Its gracioulsy hosted by Ralyn and Under The Rainbow.

I also have some of my craft items listed in Ralyns Craft mall which you will find here:
This is my affiliate link for her mall.

I am really into my paid to click programs. Most of what I do is thru a really great program called Marketing Pond. It is run by Valerie. She really values her users and takes a lot of time researching programs.
You can check out the programs here 1) MarketingPond URL:
2) Program list URL:
EVERYTHING Valerie lists is FREE to join and earn!

I do some online parties to sell my crafts and there is another great celebration coming up with Under The Rainbow is April. I will have more details on that soon.

I think I will call this good for now. I will be posting on a regular basis so I hope you will come back and get to know me and all that I do better.


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