Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Thurday

The day started out pretty productive, even though I still slept in later than I wanted to.

I got up and got busy on here. Got to surfing at reallysmartdeals. This is the optimal traffic exchange if you have items for auction at various sites. The exchange is geared towards listing your auctions, but does allow any website to be rotated where you are selling anything. The link is if you would like to check that out.

I got some business cards printed out and got most of them cut and sorted. I also got some t-shirts cut up to make my crocheted rag rugs. Then, I finally got busy scanning pics of the washcloths that I crochet. I will be putting them up on my table site with Under The Rainbow, where they will be discounted as in stock crafts.

I got my new item posted on ebay....a 10th Grade Literature book entitles Elements of Literature.

Last night I ran across a box of patterns we had bought a few years back. We never did get into the sewing so I will be sorting the patterns and getting them listed by lots on ebay soon.

Guess thats it for this Thursday. May you all have a prosperous day.

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