Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday December 26

Good Morning!
We've made it through Christmas. I will be posting a little later each morning than I used to. I've decided since I'm no longer working outside the home I need to change up my routine. From now on I'm going to get the housework done first thing in the morning before I even get on the computer. This will make for better days anyway.
This morning there was just a lot more to do with picking up boxes, wrapping, etc from yesterday.

The weather is pretty great stayed warm enough over night that all the ice melted. However, it's not going to last, a cold front with more snow is to come in this evening. Enjoy it while we can is all we can do.

I took lots of photos the last 2 days. I'm going to get those off the camera and posted on gather today. So, I won't list a post today, will wait until I have those done.

I will feature a squidoo lens today. This is the one that I built for Ariel on Hannah Montana. It's pretty neat, I hope you will take a look. Hannah Montana for Ariel
She got lots of Hannah Montana stuff for Christmas. I should gather it all together and post a photo of it to the lens. I just may do that in the next day or so.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!
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