Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Wednesday December 24

Good morning! We woke up this morning to the pilot light out on the furnace...and somehow the front door had come open. Can you say bbbrrrr?? We also woke up to just a dusting of snow outside.
In a couple of hours we are off to my brothers house for Christmas dinner and to open gifts. One gift for everyone goes from me, then we open what is from my mom, and from my brothers family. My daughter will take one gift from her for each of her children.
We are changing up the menu a bit this year for dinner so it should be interesting. We usually have ham, but this year my sister-in-law wants to make 2 different soups instead. We are taking fresh veggies with dip, pistachio pudding salad, and applesauce jello.

When I posted on gather about our family tradition of baking cookies and making other goodies for Christmas there was interest in the butter mint recipe that I use. So, I shared the recipe in a post if you are interested in checking it out. Butter Mints Recipe

Today's featured squidoo lens is a fun one I made about Fat Albert. I hope you will go take a look see and even listen to the youtube videos. Fat Albert

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Have a safe holiday!
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