Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday September 26

It's noon. I am trying, trying, trying to figure out this affiliate stuff and squidoo.
It's been a good morning, I played my 300 spins at winster, a couple more days and I can cash out for $5 amazon. I just got back from taking my mom to the doctor and doing some grocery shopping.
I doubt that I will find time to post tomorrow. It's my mom's birthday for one. The morning starts out being at church by 8:30 am for breakfast and cleaning. Right after that I get to pick up the food I ordered from the Angel Food Ministries. From 3-7 pm, the Cosmosphere is having free things for national museum day. They are calling it a Night at the Museum. Mom wants to go for her birthday, which is great, it will be both educational and fun. I'm not sure what the evening will bring.

Today I will share the Teddy Grahams review that I did on gather. Teddy Grahams Review with Photos

I hope that everyone has a great day!
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