Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday September 21

Good late afternoon. It seems it's been such a long day.
I started out this morning putting my daily post on gather, then I loaded 3 photos. I worked on my squidoo pages a bit. It was time to head off to church. After church I did a little grocery shopping, then came home and took a nap.
Once up from my nap I played my spins on Once done there I went upstairs and baked cinnamon rolls and cut carrots and celery. It's my turn to bring the snacke for Bible study so I am taking those things along with ranch dressing for the carrots and peanut butter for the celery.
When I came back down I played my 4 daily games at msn live games. you can tell, I am just now getting a start on most of my money making things here on the computer...but I did just reach the $10 payout with wordlinx again...and the great thing is they usually pay within 24 hours.

I noticed yesterday that I actually have a bid on a book at homeschoolbuy. Boy, that sure doesn't happen often enough for sure. I haven't checked in on any of those things yet today.
It will soon enough be time for supper, then off to Bible study. Once home from there I will have a couple more hours to work on the computer before bed. I really need to get some laundry done today too!

I will stop boring you and just say that I hope the rest of your day is awesome!
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