Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Here it is the first day of spring. We are looking for really nice weather today, a high of 70.
The sad part is that tomorrows high drops to 60, then over the weekend only 50. We need that 70 for Easter day while the kids are out hunting eggs.

Another busy day for me. I have to be to work in less than an hour. After work my daughter has a dr appt and so does my mother. Then off to pick my grandson up from school, drop my daughter off for her group and take my mom to another dr appt. Back home, figure out something for supper, then go to the Maundy Thursday service at church.

I need to get more items gathered up to list on ebay. Today I put a 10th grade literature book up, moved over from
It's sad that ebay went and changed their policy and no longer allow you to list teachers edition books. I have some nice ones listed over on homeschoolbuy
You can't reason with ebay though...they state there is no way they can verify that the person buying the teachers edition is a home schooler and not a student buying the teachers edition to cheat.

Off I go to get ready for work, see you tomorrow :)

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