Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Bus Bench by Wes Bundy

In The Bus Bench by Wes Bundy we first meet Edna.  Edna was raised by her aunt and although she was book smart, she was naive to anything outside of those school books.  Her aunt had taught her that only married people had babies.
When her aunt died, so starts a chain of events---she was raped, didn't even know she was pregnant until she had the baby---she killed herself 2 days later and the baby was adopted out.

Here lies the rest of the story.  That baby boy was named Gerry by the midwestern family who adopted him.  He grows up in a stable home.   His cousin teaches him the 'ways of life' (sex) early and he ends up falling in love with a TV news anchor, Tammy Whitlock.
When the news anchor gets fired and moves to California, so starts the rest of the book really.

Gerry never falls out of his obsession with Tammy.  He had found the only bus bench left with her picture on it and hid it so that no one could get her.  He visited Tammy every day, talking to that bus bench like it was really her.

Many years go by and many events happen along the way, all having to do with Gerry's obscession with Tammy.  Events such as several murders.
He finally makes a trip to California and finds Tammy.  By this time she is terminally ill with cancer, but Gerry just knows that once he gets her back home to Ohio that his mom's chicken soup will make her all better.
He kidnaps Tammy and gets her back to Ohio and to his beloved bus bench just in time for an explosive end to the book.

Wes Bundy has a writing style like another author that I really enjoy, so this book was a nice read for me. It was a change from what I've been reading lately and made me realize how much I miss reading this type of book.  It was hard to put down because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  A lot of oh my gosh's as I read the book.
If you like a story that will keep you guessing what will happen next and keep you on the edge of your seat while you read, I recommend The Bus Bench.

Additional book information:
Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 288 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Dec 01, 2015)
ISBN10: 1478765925
ISBN13: 9781478765929
Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense (This information is found here)

Disclosure:   I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review and book tour.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.


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