Monday, January 4, 2016

Online Earnings--November and December 2015

As you can imagine, December was a full and busy month with Christmas.  I'm very thankful for my online earnings, which enabled me to get gifts for all on my list.
I was slow to get my November earnings and such even added up, but finally have it done as well as December.

November 2015:

Swagbucks-- $60 in amazon
TrafficRoyal--$23.72 paypal
zubeezone--$2.75 paypal
atomicmailer--$12.52 paypal
clixsense--$8.35 paypal
TrafficMagician--$16.68 paypal
redstaghits--$11.46 paypal
postmanhits--$9.62 paypal
PerkTV--$20 amazon (if you sign up, use code 860efbf6 and get 50 bonus points)
Lucktastic-- $10 amazon
apptrailers--$1.15 paypal (if you sign up, bonus code predictableuranus2 for bonus points)
GSN--$10 amazon

This totals $199.38

Upgrades paid---$2 trafficbrowser, $2.99 orbitaltraffic, $6.95 redstagmailer, $2.50 hotflashhits, $6.90 postmanhits, $2.50 zubeedownlines, $5.95 TESurfSocial, and $6.99 trafficmagician for a total of $36.78 there.

This brings my net to $162.66 for November.

December 2015:

Zubeezone-- $5.10 paypal
PurexInsiders -- $50 amazon (gift)
mycokerewards--$10 amazon
redstaghits--$11.03 paypal
apptrailers-- $4.57 paypal
swagbucks --$25 paypal and $13 amazon
shopkick- $2 Target
trafficteams--$19.70 paypal
atomicmailer--$13.09 paypal
PerkTV-- $10 amazon
Checkpoints--$3 amazon (if you sign up, use code marsha32 for bonus points)
Trafficmagician--$11.27 paypal

This totals $178.76

Upgrades paid-- $2 trafficbrowser, $2.99 orbitaltraffic, $27.00 bannermagician (this is a lifetime upgrade so will never be paid again), $2.50 hotflashhits, $6.90 postmanhits, $2.50 zubeedownlines, $6.99 trafficmagician, and $5.95 TESurfSocial for a total of $56.83.

This brings my net to $121.93 for December.

hhmmm--even if I hadn't chosen to go for the lifetime top upgrade at bannermagician I still would have earned less in December than November.

Looking back over the year and my monthly earnings online, it looks like January and February of 2015 were my biggest earning months.  A LOT has changed in the past year.

I did get both my etsy shop and my zibbet store up and running again.  I even had some sales.  Unfortunately, I don't have those figures put together yet.  That will add on to my earnings for both months.    I also sold a book at and am working to add a book for sale here and there to add to my inventory there.

Here is looking on to 2016!!
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