Monday, August 17, 2015

Atomic Mailer is Here! Edit--Already Over 1000 members in 12 hours!

Edit:  The promo to the first 1,000 to join is now over.  From now on the promo will change as membership rises.  I wanted to put this link in for you as it will change with each new promo!

Here's the post I promised the other day.  Atomic Mailer officially launches today at Noon EST!
I personally can't wait to get in and start sending my ads and start seeing the results and the money come in.
This is an ad they gave us to share with our readers and "customers", which I have edited to my own liking to highlight so many of the perks.

Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me through email at or message me on facebook.    If you've not given advertising through a mailer a try, I hope you will consider it....and with the added bonus of the ways to earn while in Atomic Mailer, this is a no lose situation for everyone!

P.S.  I highly recommend upgrading for higher earnings.  When you join you will see one time offers when logging in.  The first will be a discounted lifetime membership.  If you pass on that one it will offer you a 2 year upgrade.  Pass on that one and it keeps going until it gets to the discount on the monthly upgrade.
If you aren't sure, I recommend trying the monthly.  You may cancel after that first month if you decide it's not for you.
These offers truly only come once when first joining and you will not see these discounts again!
Loads of benefits being upgraded and you earn more and faster too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
"Blast our 'PAID' List and get Explosive Results
by joining The New Pro-Only AtomicMailer Today!"
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

What is Atomic Mailer?

It's a brand new Viral Mailer that just launched with a
cool look and all the features we've come to love and it's
a Pro-Only which means it's full of Pre-Qualified Buyers!!

Take a look here:

AtomicMailer - Get Explosive Results Today!!

Now before I share some cool details about this new
program I need to let you know that they've gone
crazy by paying you $2.00 to join!

I know that sounds nuts, but it's for real and pretty
much guarantees a successful launch...

If they're paying us to join then what do we have to
lose? Especially when we can earn more $ in so many
ways like Click4Cash, PTC, CTP XP Badges, VTG, Zubee Coins,
Icon Collecting, Email Click Rewards or when we refer new
members who join or upgrade.

Yes, this is where it gets really excitting... being a Pro-Only
Mailer means members have to pay to join. And you get 100%
Commissions for those payments!

It's set up with a dime sale system.. meaning the price goes
up the longer you wait to join and get this.. you earn 100%
of that join price!

First 1000 members to join only pay $.50 then it goes up 10
cents every 100 members! And that's going straigt into your
PayPal account!! Whoo Hoo!!

So 1000 members at $.50 then Starts at a $1.00 for the 1001
member and 1100-1200 members pay $1.10 then 1200-1300 $1.20

Huge opportunity if you ask me!

By joining this program, you'll immediately enjoy The Best
In Email Marketing and Rest Assured You're Advertising To
100% Paying Members!

This new Viral Mailer not only provides you with all the
advertising options your site needs, they also packed
it with tons of features.

Now here's where it gets real good...

* 100% Commissions
* Mail the list Every few days or every 12 Hours!
* Paid To Click
* Click4Cash
* 5-7 Second Timer
* Monthly Bonus Credits
* Earn Credits per click.
* Banner and Text Advertising
* Spot light ads
* Reset Mailer
* Weekly Jackpots
* Downline Builder(s)
* Downline Integrity
* Residual Income
* Residual Credits
* Downline Mailer
* ClickTrackProfit XP Badges
* Viral Traffic Games
* Collecting Zubee Coins
* Commissions, Commissions, Commissions
* Plus more, more.. and MORE!

You must act now...


Go ahead and join right now, because it's filling up fast
and that means there's soon going to be thousands of
marketers waiting to view your websites.

Packed with features and amazing tools, AtomicMailer is a
fantastic advertising network.. it's a true winner.

Be one of the first 1000 members to join and they
will pay you $2.00.. added to your account.


Good luck and welcome aboard in advance.

Oh! And one more thing... It's owned by Mark Fox a well
respected program owner and Built by Dan Moses a launch
expert. They know what their doing and will make sure
AtomicMailer reaches your highest expectations.

With my best wishes,


P.S. Quick-response bonus! Be one of the first 1000
members to join and you'll start with $2.00 in your 

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