Friday, August 21, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha--My Entries to the Quilt Show


You might be wondering what my quilt show entries and Frugal Friday have in common.
Well....if you know me then you know they do go together.  
It's so very rare for me to buy anything new, and that includes fabric.
I pick up fabric at thrift shops, yard sales, estate sales, and several people "donate" fabric they aren't going to use, or don't want anymore to me.

I love making 'scrappy' quilts, so I am in heaven with my stash of fabrics.
I will tell a little bit about each picture.  I hope you enjoy. (and eventually some of these will be listed in my etsy shop)

This was a quilt top from about 1935 that I found in my mom's basement.  It' a signature quilt with church members names embroidered in it (most of them related to me).  I had a lady at church finish it for me to give my mom as a Christmas present.  She only charged me $30 to finish it.  It was in the bed turning part of the Heart of Kansas quilt show.

This is what I made for the quilt guild challenge.  I used only the fabrics they gave us to use for the front, which we paid $2.65 for.  I found the backing and batting in my stash.

This T-shirt dress was made from a pattern in a book that I received in for reviews.  The t-shirt was just in the girls' drawer and the patchwork on the bottom was part of some fabric that I paid $2 for the whole box of at an estate sale.  The lace was given to me by a lady at church.

My fractured pineapple quilt is the result of a workshop I took at the guild taught by David Duwe.
As far as classes go, this was a good one.  Only the $20 class fee was needed since nothing extra had to be bought and no special fabrics were needed.  It's made entirely from my stash of fabrics that have been given to me or that I bought second hand.

This is my Goodnight Irene quilt which was the result of a sew along with Terry's Treasures blog.  I did buy a charm pack for $5.77 from the Missouri Quilt Co. online, that is the cream colors.  The colorful squares come from a popcorn tin that was given to me full of 2 1/4 inch squares already cut.   The batting and backing fabric was given to me by a lady at church.

This mini log cabin quilt is also the result of a $20 workshop that I took at quilt guild. Again, no extra items to buy and it's made with scraps.  1 inch strips of fabric.   Again, fabrics from my stash.

And, my last entry for the quilt sho is this Rudolph story quilt.  The story book panel was given to me by a lady at church.  I cut it up and put the story into a child's quilt.  I worked with greens and reds from my stash for the sashing and borders.

I hope you enjoyed the 'show' and until next week....keep on being Frugal!
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