Friday, June 19, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha -- Week in Review


I intend from now on for my Frugal Friday posts to be a week in review.  This will encourage me to really be watching for the things that I do, even the little things.  Hopefully it will not only motivate me, but others as well.

I can't say that we've had a frugal week this past week.   Hubby took it upon himself to go grocery shopping and spent close to $100.  Sigh....he obviously didn't understand the deal.  The deal being that he is to not spend any money outside of paying the bills and keeping gas in his truck.
He's not even supposed to be willy nilly spending on food and drinks while working.
As I said, he did not keep up his end of the deal, and, I've been pretty upset with him all week!

Don't think that I am not appreciative of the groceries that he bought...and not only bought, but did most of the cooking all week as well.  However, what he bought was: 3 packs of hot dogs, large can of pork and beans, large tub of potato salad, gallon of milk, box of Lucky Charms, 3 dozen eggs, 2 packages of bacon, pound roll of sausage and quite a lot of 2 ltrs or Dr.Pepper.
I think you will see the theme that we've had a lot of breakfast meals all week.  Not complaining there either really since that is my favorite meal foods.
And, my complaint is that he shopped BEFORE paying bills to see if that money he spent was really spendable money.

I have once again not been keeping up with my coupons.  In fact, I owe my friend for at least 3 weeks worth on insert orders.  Money is an issue....I don't have the money to go pick up my coupons and pay her!   It does no good whatsoever to pay for extra coupons and then not keep them cut and organized and actually use them!  I will be contacting her to get them picked up.
I did a review this past week of The Gnome Project, which talks about the importance of regular routine.  Starting today, not only is working on sewing/crafts each day, working on coupons is also going to be a daily must for me!

I hope to have a nice list for you to read next week.  In the meantime, please do link up some frugal/money saving/DIY type posts and motivate me to keep going.

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