Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Gnome Project by Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

The Gnome Project--One Woman's Wild and Woolly Adventure is written by Jessica Peill-Meininghaus and is about her journey to figure out how to have follow-through in life.

She had issues with starting things, and not finishing them.  Boy, do I know all about that!
In fact, right at the beginning of the book struck a cord with me.  Pages 8 and 9 tell the story of my life.
Jessica has a friend whose home is always nice and tidy. One day she broke down and asked her friend just how she does it.  Her friend told her that she simply chooses a day each week for the bigger chores, she makes her bed every morning, smooths the couch blankets every time she walks by, never goes to bed until the dishes and kitchen are clean etc.
I wish I could tell you that I started doing the same, but alas, all I got into a routine of SO FAR is straightening the blankets on the couch every time I walk by it.

Life is all about routines and Jessica decided that her daily routine would be to felt a Gnome every day of the year.  She missed a day here and there being sick or just too worn out and chided herself for it. Over the course of the year she learned not to do that.
The Gnomes soon became a part of her life, the normal amongst the chaos of raising her 4 children alone as the family moved across the country and her husband had to stay behind until his job allowed him to also make the move.
The rest of a routine life followed naturally once she had established just the one routine.

The book is delightful.  It's full of pictures of the Gnomes she made throughout the year, all in cute poses.  The end of the book is over 30 pages with step by step instruction and illustrations on how to felt Gnomes.
The lessons she learned and shared in the book about the importance of routine in life are priceless.

I know that I feel better when I am crafting daily, then I get in a slump and don't work on anything for a week or more.   I took a lot from the book, a lot more than just crafting daily.   However, starting today, I am going to make crafting my definite routine in my life and just as it happened for Jessica, the rest will follow.

If interested, you can check out Jessica's blog here.  She blogged about her Gnomes and still does as well as also give workshops and much more.

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