Friday, May 1, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha --Preparing for Vacation


Who knew that preparing for vacation was so hard? Well, it is for me. LOL
My daughter and her boyfriend are going to stay at the house to house and pet sit for us. Even though they are over here all the time, I feel the need to do a bunch of extra cleaning.
Yesterday I steam cleaned the carpets. Speaking of that, buying the steam cleaner is what I feel was a good investment. Just using it a few times more than covered what we would have paid to rent a machine. It was something we chose to buy 2 years ago with part of our income tax refund.

Today I am preparing for a yard sale tomorrow. I am going over to the little town where my middle daughter lives for their 'city wide' sales. City wide is a population of 1,100 people, but tons come in to town for the sales too. Cheap cost of just $5 donated to the 4-H to be on the map with an ad of what we have at our sale. So, minus the small amount of gas, a lot cheaper than trying to host and advertise one from home (it's just a 24 minutes drive from my driveway to theirs), plus I get the added plus of spending time with my daughter and grandchildren too.
Do wish me luck of actually selling some things though.

We will be gone next week on vacation, and I am also taking a vacation from blogging. I have a plan to do a Wordless Wednesday post with some pictures, but that's it.
And back to speaking of vacation----I have managed to earn $22 in Target gift cards that will help us take some of meal foods with us on the trip to avoid always paying to eat somewhere. Plus I also have a $5 Walmart card as well. With that we will stop and get some macaroni and potato salad from the deli. Yum!

Until then, I can't wait to see what posts you share this week to inspire and motivate us all to keep living frugally, saving money, do it ourselves etc!

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