Monday, March 30, 2015

Traffic Exchanges Report

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If you recall, last week I posted about Gladiator Hits.

I talked about how it as well as the other exchange, Traffic Dynamite, that I had been doing both offered downline builders and a surf center.  I had the thought of trying out their exchange surfing schedule.
I set out to join the sites in the surf center.
I stopped at joining 4 of them.  Two of them I am really enjoying, the other 2 didn't have the things that I look for---chat feature, jackpot, cash prizes while surfing along with the credit prizes.

I surfed Gladiator Hits and Traffic Dynamite every day of the week, logging in each day as well as tweeting my referral link each day.
I also did the same for the 2 exchanges that I joined.  I'm enjoying all 4 exchanges.
The banners for the other 2 will be at the bottom of this post if you are interested in checking them out.
I will always offer to transfer credits to anyone who signs up under me to help get your sites and such seen faster and more.

Here are my earnings for each exchange for the week:

Traffic Dynamite-- $1.61
Gladiator Hits-- .82
BharatSurf -- $2.27
ProtrafficShop $1.02
for a total of $5.72

No, I'm not getting rich, but I am getting my blog as well as several of my other paid to clicks and my crafts seen along the way.
I'm surfing every day this week and I will give another report next week as well. - Bringing You World Wide Traffic From the Heart of India!
Please note that $1.85 of my $2.27 from BharatSurf came from a $1.85 sign up bonus.  This bonus is available using the code promo185 until 2600 members.  As of this writing there are 2,572 members so still time to get the bonus!  If you join, click in to the Traffic Exchange area then into the Promo Codes area.  Nice bonus for signing up!

ProTrafficShop - Tune-Up Your Traffic

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