Friday, April 3, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Week in Review


Welcome to the first Friday in April, which is also Good Friday.
Are you ready for Easter?  I'm ready for Easter itself, but not for the family gathering.
We will meet at our house.  Hopefully all 4 of my children will be here.  I know that my 3 daughters will be as well as 9 of the grandchildren.
It will be a good day of family, church, and celebrating the risen Christ.

This week has seemed to have flown by.  It's double coupon week at KMart this week.  I only had the opportunity to shop once, but I am going to be happy about that.  Now that I'm more familiar with it and have more coupons, I can look forward to it each time they have it.
I spent $2.50 out of pocket for what you see in the picture.  If you would like to see the breakdown, you can read it HERE in my bubblews post.

 I shopped at Target too.  Nothing to really brag about as I did spend $17.68 for what is in the picture, plus an additional dust pan that I gave my daughter.  However, I only used gift cards that I've earned or gotten back for purchases and I received back $10 in gift cards for my purchases.
I also added a few more things to my Christmas stash.  Again, if you would like to see the full breakdown, you will find it HERE in my bubblews post.

Back to Easter.  Family gatherings are a shared cost.  Each family brings part of the meal.  I'm sure many families do it this way and it means that no one is having to pay out all of the expense.
Hubby and I got the ham, one daughter is supplying all of the candy for the egg hunt, another daughter is bringing the fruit and veggies, my sister-in-law is bring salad.  Not sure yet what the other are bringing but it's going to be good eating and plenty of it.

How has your week been?

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