Friday, March 13, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha 3/13/15

This past week has been a lot about coupons for me again.   I can say that I actually have all of my coupons cut and in to my binder.
I have some lists printed and hand written for shopping both today and after the new sales start on Sunday.

"This is where I keep my coupons." - Cartoon

"This is where I...

Bob Zahn

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I am getting back to shopping at Walgreens. After another trip or 2, I should be back to not spending much at all out of pocket. Too bad the programs I do don't offer Walgreens gift cards for redemption. Mypoints does, but I don't work in it like I should.
I spent $9.60 on what you see in the picture and earned 6000 balance reward points and took home a $3 register reward.
You can read more about it HERE.

Yesterday was a small stock up on toilet paper and oatmeal. $5.56 spent.

I am working hard to keep up this time with my couponing.  First of all for the savings.  Secondly, it provides a lot of the gifts that I give out.  Thirdly, and maybe most important, is that I enjoy it and it makes me happy.
You know what they say--'When mama's happy, everyone's happy'

Now I am heading in to TSU to search through several coupon related hashtags to finish up my lists for today's shopping.

Ymca Make a Budget Poster

Ymca Make a...

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