Monday, March 9, 2015

All Business Monday --Staying On Track

Welcome to another week!
Last week I posted my online earnings for February.  You can find the post HERE if you missed it.

I've been staying on track in my efforts to earn online.  In the past 2 weeks I have:

Listed a set of the pink washcloths in my shophandmade store.  Sadly that website appears to be totally down.  IF it comes back up I need to take the time to copy those listings to etsy and zibbet, so praying it does come back up.  If not then it means extra inventory time to know what I have listed there.
(Lesson learned is that I need to keep a running inventory on file of what is in each shop.)

I got an order for 12 of the washcloths from my zibbet shop, which also made it the first order I've ever gotten there.

I finished sewing 9 lined bags such as you see in my photo today.  I have 3 of them listed in my etsy shop.

I've listed 2 books over on, one of which sold right away.

I'm slowly getting caught up on reviews that need to be done.  I'm working on getting sponsored posted mixed in with my regular posts.  I started with this one.

How  has your week been?

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