Friday, February 20, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha --Week in Review

This week has been about as busy as last week!  I need a slow down.

I wrote a couple of bubblews posts pertaining to being frugal:
Cancelled my Club Pogo Subscription  and  Supper 2/19/15

$5.99 a month may sound like frugal computer entertainment, but it's not frugal if you aren't actually spending time playing the games.
$3.60 for our supper foods last night is very frugal.
I hope you will click over to read more.  Both will open in new windows.
Here is a picture of my supper plate though:

Gasoline is holding steady at $2.19 a gallon.   I still wish it was under $2 a gallon like it was for awhile, but still can't complain after prices we have seen in the past. 

I'm still working on crocheting the pink washcloths and working on the pink hexagons.   I bought the yarn at a yard sale and the hexagons fabrics were given to me.   I love that I rarely buy any materials new and that I have about 10 years worth of projects that can be done right now.
The fact is that the only thing I should have to buy in those 10 years is some needles for my sewing machine and blades for my rotary cutter.   I seriously have collected so much fabric and other things either by buying at yard sales and thrift stores, or that has been given to me, that I can work all day every day for many years. (Now if I would just get in to my sewing/craft room and organize it all!)

Still working here and there are eliminating clutter and organizing.  There is a lot to be said about the saying "less is more".  Even going back to the cleaning and organizing of my sewing room, I have lots of things in there also that I will never use.  I wonder if next Friday I can tell you that I've been working in there?

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