Thursday, January 29, 2015

Writer's Unite 1/29/15

I thought I would give my update on the challenge that I was taking part in on bubblews last week.  7 days of writing 6 posts with a minimum of 10 interactions in between each post.
Money was and still is little.  Each day I made a penny or 2 more than the day before, but on day 7 I was still only up to .42 for my efforts.
With that said, I need make some new connections, and reconnected with users that I had lost track of.
I am back to writing 3 posts a day.  3 days now and I've made just about .25 for each day.

Still writing on bubblews, but my heart isn't in to it like it once was, of course. 
Honestly, I'm earning about the same on TSU and I am enjoying myself there immensely.  I also don't feel like I have to be on TSU the entire time that I am on the computer either.

I had the opportunity to write a paid blog post this week.  Those don't come around very often and tend to make me nervous whether I will do a good job for them.  It went well and my invoice is sent in, along with tax paperwork.
I have a guest post coming soon too.

I look forward to any writing you choose to share with me and my readers this week!

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