Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writer's Unite 1/22/15

Usually morning is my best work time on the computer, but I seem to be lacking motivation for some reason this morning.  I'm sure this happens to everyone and there are a myriad of reasons for it.

Currently I am doing a challenge on bubblews that was put out by user Magnolia.  She doesn't normally do challenges, but hopes this one will help get more interaction going on the site.
She has put out a week long challenge to write 6 posts per day with 10 interactions for each post.

I have always done a minimum of 10 interactions between my posts, so that wasn't a problem.  I didn't think I could do 6 posts a day, but I did it on the first day and have been able to for 3 days now.
It's been nice running in to several other users who are also participating in her challenge.

User Rusty2rusty also put out a similar challenge.  She challenges us all to interact with 10 different users after we put in a post.  I know several are going with hers.

It's not hard to go visit 10 posts by others after you put in your own post, and in some ways 10 seems like a very low number compared to the amount of people that are still writing there.   I often have gone way past that 10 in between posts.

Earning is still way down, and I know that many of you that read my blog have totally gone away from bubblews.   I've been asked a lot as to why I'm still there.  The best answers are that I like it there, I'm confortable there, and most of all, it's my choice.  

As far as my blog, I messed up my goal already this year to post daily as this past week I missed both Saturday and Tuesday putting in a post.  I'm not going to tear myself down for it, even though I am a little disappointed in myself.
I do want to say a huge thank you to my followers, and to those of you who take the time to link up with my various linky's throughout the week.

Write on!

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