Monday, January 19, 2015

All Business Monday--The To-Do List

Someone suggested that instead of calling our New Year's list our goals, or our resolutions, to make it a to-do list instead.  She said list up to 100 things you wish to accomplish over the entire year.
I thought that made sense, so for 2015, I have made a to-do list instead.

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This morning I read a post on bubblews about goals and how they are soon broken.  She suggested that we write about them and let others motivate us to keep them up.  The post can be found HERE, by rusty2rusty.  It made me realize that I've not even pulled my list out to look at it since the first week!
This week I thought I would share the items on my to-list that are related to my 'business', as well as how I am doing on the list as well.
1.  Promote crafts 4 times a week--I did this the first week of the year, but not since.  I'm sharing each week in Noner's posts. You can find her most recent one HERE.

2.  Sewing or crafts daily--this one is pretty easy for me to acomplish as I am almost always working on something.  The other night I delayed trying to figure out what to work on, but found something and got busy.

3.  Keep paperwork up DAILY--so far so good on this one.  I scrambled for days trying to get May through December put together from 2014.  That's the furthest I've ever been behind and it was no fun trying to round it all together.

4.  Input hausernet mail as it comes in.  Hausernet is a decoy mail program where I get paid .25 for each piece of mail that I receive and input the data.  Way too many times I've put it to the side and by the time I got to the pile, some of the dates were too late.  I'm already slacking on this too, with 4 days of mail sitting on the floor beside me!

5.  Read daily--this is on my 'business' list because once I finish a book, I will write a review.  Also, most of them that I finish will then be listed in my store.

6.  Clear my gmail and keep it that way--not doing well on this one either!   A prime example of why it's so important for me to keep up with my email just occurred.  I went to to get the link to put above and found that I have an order for a book.  I would not have seen it, if at all, had I not went to the site.  This is not the first time this has happened!  Yes, I stopped writing this and got the book ready to be picked up in tomorrow's mail.

7.  Promote zazzle items--I don't think that I've done this even once for 2015.   I would like this to be once a week.

8.  Write a blog post daily--I was doing great on this until I skipped this past Saturday.  I'm going to change this a bit to include updating older blog posts as well.  If I just don't have anything to write, I can update a post instead.

9.  Service both sewing machines--I can't keep up with my sewing if the machines aren't kept up.  One right now won't work on the stitch I need to do one project.

10.  Complete this or that---I put it this way for this list, but on my actual to-do list, each quilting and sewing project that is started is listed separately.  I can't put them up for sale if they aren't finished.  You don't really want to know just how many projects I have started.

That's the end of my list that pertains to my money earning.

Looking forward to reading business related type posts this week that you will share.


  1. Not having any luck posting a comment. I know I need to get busy on business. I am doing the one week bubble challenge.

  2. Hi Marsh, Great advise, I make a list daily of things to do, what I don't complete just gets moved to the next day first. Thanks again for allowing us to link :)


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