Friday, January 9, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha--The Stash

 Most couponers call their stash a stock pile, I call it my stash.  Over the years of using coupons I have always stashed away health and beauty items throughout the year.  Getting razors, shave gel, toothbrushes, floss, body wash, deoderant, and make-up free, or extremely cheap with sales and coupons.

In 2014 I let my couponing go by the way side.  In August 2014 our grocery store stopped doubling coupons.  About that same time I lost my free source of getting multiple coupon inserts free each week.

My grown children have grown accustomed to expecting these things from me each year.   I had thought all I had in my stash was men's shave gel.   I made a mad dash earning Target gift cards through swagbucks and the PerkTV app.  Target was having some good deals such as buy 4 items and get a $5 Target card back.  Plus, I had coupons as well for most all of them. Plus additional savings through the Target Cartwheel and Target coupons as well.   I was making lots of trips to Target, but my boxes just weren't going to be as full of as many things as usual.

Or, so I thought......
It came time for me to go get in to my stash for the shave gel.

Look what I found:

Because I hadn't been using many coupons anymore, I hadn't added anything to my stash.  I had NO idea that I still had so much in there. (I keep my stash by category in strawberry crates stacked in the corner of my bedroom)
I was able to put together nice, and pretty complete boxes for all of the adult children after all.

Now, I am working my way back to using lots of coupons again.  I have found a source to buy inserts through a local friend for much cheaper than buying multiple Sunday papers.  I am working to keep my coupons cut and in my binder, and carrying my binder with me at all times.
I hang out in the #couponcommunity, #target, #walmart, and #walgreens hashtags over on TSU.  So many members there posts deals.  It's phenomenal! 

I originally wrote about my stash on bubblews.  You can find my post here:

My Stash Was Larger Than I Thought 



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