Monday, January 5, 2015

All Business Monday---Reading

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Reading and business---how do these go together for me?

I often get books in to read and review.  I used to get right to reading them to get the reviews done.   2014 I really slacked off on reading.  In fact, I can turn around right now and see 5 books on my shelf that came in for review months ago, that I've not even looked at yet.   Shame on me!!  That is not being responsible to the authors, publishers, or PR firms that send them to me to review.   A couple of them are ones that all I have to do is look through them and talk about them for the review.

Even though I am not compensated in any other way from the source that sends the book, when I post about it, I have the ability to add in affiliate links.  Those are another part of the business side of it to give me a chance to earn more.  In other words, it's fully to my benefit to keep up on my reading and book reviews. 

I'm on a good start for 2015 so far.  I finished and reviewed Go For It!  yesterday.   My Super Sunday Reviews posts will consist of the books I am behind on until I get caught up  :)

You might also keep in mind that each Sunday those posts include a linky for you to link up any reviews you have written the past week---and there isn't a limit on how many you can link up.
And don't forget to link up any business related posts you have written each week in this linky.

Here are some nice bookshelf choices:


  1. Marsha, how do you get companies to send you books to review? That would be interesting to me. You know I love to read.

  2. I am way behind in book reviews, too, so shame on me as well! I will get back on track and so will you!


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