Friday, January 2, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha --- Christmas Gifts

Let me first say Happy New Year.  Yesterday had it's ups and downs, but for the most part if was a nice start to the new year.

Christmas is over, so now I can share the gifts that I made as gifts for Christmas 2014  :)

Let's start with the fabric bags that I made.  Each year I give everyone a Christmas sack with some candy and then little goodies.  Goodies that I've collected over the year, Christmas items that I buy on sale, etc.   In January I learned how to make lined fabric bags at quilt guild.  It was our community service project, giving the bags to the women's shelter. 
I had amassed quite a bit of Christmas fabrics, so thought it would be nice to make fabric fabrics to fill.  I did.....25 of them total.

I made a doll bed, quilt, pillows, and a rug for my 3 yr old granddaughter, Zelda.  (I'm in the process of making lots of these sets to lists in my online craft shops over the coming year)

I made a sock family for my 18 month old grandson, Killian.  (I am thinking of making lots more of these too)

I thought about making an apron for my son since he bbq's a lot.  While looking through a box of fabric for 'manly' fabrics, I ran across some Elvis fabric and fabric with records on it.
I will make my son an apron for his birthday in April, but stopped and made my mom an Elvis quilt for Christmas.

Throughout the year I made 42 hot pads with blocks that I had left over from quilt tops.  I didn't save a picture of them all made, but here is a picture of one of them in the making.  Every adult, or adult couple in the family rec'd 2 hot pads.  It was strange, that my oldest daughter didn't even own 1 hot pad.  She was using old t-shirts for hot pans on the table.  She will be getting 2 more for her birthday Feb.1.

Last minute I decided to also give each adult or adult couple a set of 4 coasters.  I made 10 sets plus 2 coasters.
 All in all, it was a nice handmade Christmas in additional to good deals I got throughout the year and at the last minute to make up my total gifts for the year.

I have pulled out a book that I bought 2 years ago and marked pages of things that I am going to start working on making THIS month and work on throughout the year instead of mostly last minute.
The book is highlighted here:

I look forward to the frugal posts you will share with my readers and myself this week!


  1. Marsha,

    Awesome post -- you do beautiful work! I think it's wonderful that you belong to a quilting guild, too. And bravo for being dedicated to writing on your own website!


  2. That sock family for your grandson is absolutely adorable, Marsha! Great project those fabric bags for the women's shelter. No doubt they will come in handy even after the holidays.

  3. What a blessed family you have, receiving these homemade gifts! They're beautiful (the gifts, but I'm sure your family is beautiful, too!).

  4. Quilting is on my to do list for crochet projets to learn. Everything looks great.

  5. You are a talented lady! I love the gifts you made. Really like those hot pads and the coasters are very cute, are they difficult to make?


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