Monday, December 29, 2014

All Business Monday---New Year Goals

I like to use the word goals over resolutions, even though I am resolving to make changes.
The problem with myself is that I make up a fine list of goals......I do rather well achieving them for some time.....then they fall by the wayside.

Last year I made out my list and even printed it 52 times.  I checked off throughout each week as I completed things on the list.  About May I just stopped.

Most of my goals do have to do with earning money:

1.  Get my paperwork organized and keep it that way---no more throwing stuff in piles here and there to get to it later.  Later for me is something months.   I will take care of any paperwork right away.

2.  I will work on my crafts and sewing daily.  Along with this I will promote a craft for 4 days each week.  I don't mean the same craft for 4 days, but a different one each day.  Originally I put this down as daily, but 4 is more realistic.

3.  I will stay up on my blog postings.  This will include adding more affiliate links in to posts to help monetize my blog.  I will find posts to do on days when I don't have a regular blog to post.

4.  I will be more social in my sharing of the work of others.

These are my goals as far as my earning goes.
You might notice that I say that I WILL do each one.

I want to add to the list that I hope to cash out somewhere, online or through the apps that I run, each day of the year.  I've already been able to maintain this goal in October and November, and I'm pretty close to getting it for this month too.  This just ensures me that I am always earning.

I'm currently reading a book call Go For It, that I will review this next Sunday.  It's a great motivational book.  I will link it below if you would like to preview it yourself before I write my review.

What are your goals?

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