Thursday, December 18, 2014

Writer's Unite-- 12/18/14

How is everyone doing this Thursday, just a week before Christmas day? 
The business of holiday preparation has affected my writing this week for sure.   Sunday I thought about my weekly review post---got busy wrapping gifts and didn't think about it again until almost midnight.   Monday morning was a Christmas party with my quilt guild and then work.  Again it was midnight before I realized I hadn't done a post.
For the record, I won't be doing this post next week on Christmas day.

I am still wanting to come up with some regular posts for Saturday and Tuesday.  Probably not posts with linky's like most of my other regular posting.  I have an idea for Saturday--Super Saver Saturday.  Or actually, just post deals that day, doesn't have to have a title except what the deal is.

This week I'm going to choose to share 2 of my recent bubblews posts.    I look forward to what you choose to share!

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